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Our Story

Resilience Church launched in October of 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. Because we couldn’t gather as a large group all at once, we partnered with several local coffee shops to host smaller, midweek, after-hour gatherings. This began as a temporary solution, but we quickly realized these third-space gatherings provide a unique opportunity to connect, ask questions of faith, and do life together

We are a church where people who are searching, skeptical, or even hesitant about Christianity can be part of a community with others from different cultures, ages, and stages of life.

Resilience Church Gathering

Resilience Church’s shift from a more traditional expression of church to one that gathers in "coffee shop" Learning Communities was a bit disorientating at first. Yet, in pivoting from our original plan, God invited us into a new level of dependence. He revealed our resistance to change and tendency to compare ourselves to others while simultaneously ushering in the opportunity to pray, “God, where are you at work, and where can we join you in that work?” It’s from this posture of trust that we gather as a community, building relationships with those who are different from us while walking the journey of faith together.

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